Upma/Griess Brei


Upma is a very loved dish in the whole India. It comes from the South and the Central part of India. But now-a-days it can be found everywhere. Its made from Semolina/Suji or Griess as its called in German. Its mainly made at breakfast times but it can also be made for a light lunch or at tea time or for a brunch as well.
I remember one of the best Upmas in India are served in the Indian railways. They bring it piping hot and I have traveled a lot in India with the train and every time I used to enjoy it with a hot up of Chai.
Today as I was alone for lunch, I made it just for me and enjoyed it with a peanut chutney to have a balance of protein It can also be served with a coconut chutney and pickles too.
Here is a recipe for one person (a rather generous serving)
Gericht: Frühstück
Land & Region: Indisch
Keyword: Kokosöl



  • First of all prepare all the ingredients as shown in the picture and keep them on the side
  • Heat Ghee or Coconut oil in a pan,  and let it smoke a bit
  • Now add the mustard seeds and let them crackle, reduce the heat as soon as they crackle and add the curry leaves
  • Now add the peanuts and let them roast for a minute or so until they look crunchy
  • Now add the onions and the pinch of sugar and let them roast on medium low heat until they turn golden
  • Now add the green chili and grated ginger and roast for a little while
  • Now add the Semolina and roast  for about 5-7 minutes on medium low heat until you smell a nutty smell of the roasted semolina
  • Now add the salt, mix it all well and add the hot water slowely mixing it all well and at the same time add the lime juice as well. Mix it all well
  • Cook it covered on low heat for about 3-4 minutes
  • Let it sit for a minute or two and serve it warm. Enjoy.
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